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201 All Hearts Knee Socks

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✔ Free shipping from 2 pairs of socks

✔ Custom made for you in Italy, shipped the next day 

✔ Package fits through mailbox

✔ Standard delivery within 4 days


Spring is the season of love: weather warming up, birds singing, flowers blooming ad people falling deeply in love. In a nutshell, love is in the air! And what about spreading the spring vibes all year round by wearing dstinctive’s All Hearts socks in every season? Monochrome hearts and initials: cold will never bother you anymore.


  • 100% Made in Italy, custom made for you
  • Perfect fit after the first wash
  • Certified materials for enduring comfort: no pilling or holes
  • Initials woven directly into the socks for ultimate comfort
  • Breathable cotton for fresh feet all day long


80% cotton  |  15% polyamide  |  5% elastane

For a perfect fit, wash the socks at 30°C / 86°F before wearing. Do not bleach, iron or dry, to ensure a longer lifespan for the socks and avoid any waste. All our yarns are certified OEKO-TEX standard 100, therefore free of harmful materials.

About your dstinctive socks

Your name or initials are not printed or embroidered, but directly weaved into the fabric, to ensure the best fit and quality for your feet.

Our products are 100% Made in Italy by skilled artisans in Brescia and we collaborate only with carefully selected suppliers that share our same values.


We produce your socks on-demand which means we have zero waste. By only producing what we’ve sold, we eliminate any stock and waste of energy and materials.

By also eliminating the usual pre-wash phase of producing a sock, we save a lot of water (for a perfect fit, wash the socks before wearing – see “Material”).

We deeply care about your health and the health of our planet.

To find out more, visit our in-depth pages why a pair of dstinctive custom socks and sustainable fashion is dstinctive.